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Social Media

The Importance of Social Media

With over 400 million active users on social media, companies have an excellent opportunity to feature their brand and products. Social media allows companies to put up less of a corporate image and more of a personal touch. People hate to be sold to, but trust a family or friends opinion, which is why social media provides companies with an excellent opportunity for growth. Also, social media is FREE with the option to spend minimal dollars to boost posts.

Why Krave Marketing

Krave Marketing has years of social media experience. Our social media specialists are experts in the industry and continue researching new social media outlets ensuring they stay on top of new trends. Krave Marketing will put together a monthly spreadsheet showing which posts will occur on each day so you, as our client, are always in the know. All Krave Marketing clients will also receive a monthly analytics report showing information about which posts did well and when the optimal time is to reach their target.

47% of all Internet users are on Facebook.
There are nearly 1.4 billion Facebook followers.